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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

30 Days and Counting

Today is August 17, which marks 30 days (1 month) until the big 2-7 for this momma! I cannot believe that my twenties are slowly winding down. I keep telling myself that my husband Geoff thinks I'll be the hottest 30 year old mom on the planet, so ending my twenties is ok...we'll see. (I am sure that several of you out there in the internet universe are probably shaking your heads and rolling your eyes...sorry, I'll quit griping).

On another note, here is an update in this little Harmon house.

Norah had her first tooth break through earlier this month, with the second one close behind! She's slowly getting her toothy grin that I've been dying to see. Also, we experienced, for the first time, what it's like to have a sick little bambina. It was rough. A few Saturdays ago, sissy broke a temp of 103, which freaked me, to say the least. The yuck lasted a few days and finally ended about a week ago. She is now, back to her normal, grinning, chatting, giggling self.

Geoff is about to start his 4th (I think) year at River Valley Elementary, which is always an exciting and somewhat stressful time for us to get back in the swing of that routine. It looks like it should be an easy transition this year. He has loved being home, the past few months, with peanut being "Mr. Mom" (and he does a great job, I might add).

For the past few months I've been volunteering at Lifeline with Willie, helping out with grief counseling and it has been such an AWESOME experience. I still have a dream of starting a nonprofit or at least helping families who have lost like Geoff and I. Willie has thrown around the idea of starting a support group, which I'm hoping to be apart of. I've also been thinking about the fact that, this September 15th will mark Parker's 2nd birthday and how our family will go about honoring that day. I'm hoping, this year, to start a tradition with Norah on that special day, something to help her get to know her brother as well as honoring his memory.

So that's about it. Life in this little Harmon house is pluggin along. Norah Joan is growing like a weed and getting cuter and cuter by the minute. Crawling looks like it's in her future, but I'm ok with her taking her time on that one.

Have a blessed day everyone! And remember, you only have 30 shopping days until my BIRTHDAY! :)


AnonymousWorldTraveler said...

Awwww... this is adorable!

Brad's Soulmate said...

I know fevers can be scary, but it isn't until 102.5 that the body is actually hot enough to start killing germs. I'm glad all is well now.