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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Nothing Profound, Just Wanted to Write

I have found that the reason why I stink at posting is because the bar has been set to high...by no one other than me.

I have placed myself in a bit of a pickle. If I don't feel I have anything of any kind of value to add to the blogging world, then I simply won't post.

Well that's stupid. After all, I didn't start this blog to be this inspired writer. I started it simply because I wanted to share about my life and the ramblings that build up in my brain. I wanted to vent my rantings, to shout out my victories and to share a funny anecdote.

So here it is. A rambling...

I am an avid reader of Real Simple magazine (can I get a "what what" from my fellow readers out there!). I have been subscribing to their magazine since 2007. I love them for their recipes (that I've never cooked, but love to dream about cooking), for their organizing tips and for their stories of daily life. For the past four years Real Simple has been hosting a contest for readers to enter. Each year (for the last four) they have submitted a question to be answered in essay form from a reader. The winner receives $3,000, a trip to New York and their story published in an issue of Real Simple. This years question is "When did you first understand the meaning of love?"

Not sure what I'll write about. I've tossed around several ideas, hopefully I'll find something worthy. We'll see. I'll post it here once I've sent it to Real Simple.

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sarah said...

i LOVE my real simple, and i think ive been reading it about that long as well. (my favorite articles have been their "ten ways to cook a ___" so many fun ideas for simple food items usually.) good luck with your article, what fun it would be to win!

and about posting, for me it helped to have one day a week that i always had to check in ( i know our blogs are very much on different topics, but still, the theres still posting frequency...) and that way at least once a week i write. sometimes a lot more often, but i dont feel (too) neglectful when its just once a week.

hope that helps! :)