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Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today is my 27th birthday. How is that even possible. I have started and restarted this blog twice now and each time I have a different topic regarding age that I want to discuss.

The first one started out about how I'm three years from 30 and how I'm completely OK with that.

The second one started out talking about how Geoff got me a wonderful Flying M coffee mug with a gift card to that coffee shop, along with some cash to spend this weekend. Then I went into talking about how I had to get my license renewed today and discovered that I'm 30lbs heavier then I was when I got my license back in 2006...ugh.

This blog will focus on how much I love birthdays no matter what the age or weight.

Birthdays are a reminder that you've made it. You've made it one more year. You've come so far. 27 years! That's AMAZING! Whenever you hear about people being married for that long you say, "WOW! Good for you!" When you hear about someone being at the same company for 27 years you find that impressive as well. So 27 is awesome!

I embrace 27, because it means that I'm getting further and further away from 18, which I'm totally OK with. Getting farther from my teens means to me, that maybe, I'm getting more mature...maybe...some days.

So bring on my 27th year of life. I'm ready! PLUS, I know that the closer I get to being 30, means the closer I get to fulfilling my husbands prophecy that I'm going to be a HOT 30 year old.

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