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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Strange Feelings

We are approaching the day that would have been Parker's 2nd birthday. It's so hard to believe that it has been 2 years since we met and said goodbye to our little man. I am amazed and blessed at how God has used Geoff and I and truly made something good out of something so tragic. In these past 2 years, we have grown and learned so much about one another and about how great our God is.

As we approach his birthday, I find myself reminiscing about what life was like before we lost our Parker and even how life changed in that moment we heard he was gone. I find my heart racing as I think about that afternoon in the delivery room when Dr. Rudeen told us his heart was no longer beating. I find my eyes beginning to burn with tears when I think of all the innocent joy I felt on that labor day weekend when I still felt him wiggling and moving inside my belly. I find that empty portion of my heart aching when I think about our little boy, laying so beautifully still and silent in my arms on the evening he was born. And finally, I find myself feeling at peace, knowing that God has carried us so far and continues to carry us as we move along this life path.

Parker Geofferson Harmon will always be our first born. He will always be our sweet baby boy and he will always be fondly remembered and loved every day. He will always be celebrated and remembered on his birthday for the rest of our lives.

We love you Parker Geofferson.


kara said...

sure do love you guys. Truly amazed to see what God has done in your lives & for your family. You 3 are so blessed. Parker, we love you!

Amarie said...

I remember that time together with you, Geoff and all of our family. I will always remember Parker's birthday too. I miss him. I am sooo thankful to God for you & Geoff and His goodness to you!! And thank God for our Norah!! What a precious perfect baby girl!! She is such a blessing and joy!! Love you Rachel!! Mom