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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Just Right...I Hope

I don't know what I think about all of this, but I have found that the closer I get to Norah's first birthday, the more strange it feels to finally be here.

I have waited over two years to experience a first birthday of my own. Well, not my own, but of one of my children. I know that we had Parker's first birthday, but it was not (obviously) how I had intended it to be. So now, to be faced, head on, with a first birthday in just two weeks is sort of freaking me out!

I'm really trying to not be that mom. You know, the one who goes way to "all out" for the first birthday. The one who buys way to many gifts and just makes an overall "too big a deal" out of this birthday. However, COME ON PEOPLE! WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR SO STINKIN' LONG!!

So I grapple. I grapple with the concept of over doing it to the point where I fear I'm "under" doing it. Ugh...

So, I hope I can get enough planned to make it a perfect first birthday. A Goldilocks birthday, if you will. You know, not too big, not too small, but rather...just right, here's hoping.


Seth & Andrea Cook said...

Just remember that at Norah's age all she'll really remember is the love. So, don't worry...no matter how big or how small it is it will be "just right" because she will be showered with LOVE! You are a good mommy. :)

Tim, Liz and Jacob Schandorff said...

i say go all out... your baby only has a first birthday once!

Kristi said...

You will do a perfect birthday and you have been waiting a long time you deserve to make as big of a deal as your heart want's it to! Enjoy every second and post tonz of pictures! I miss your face hopefully we can catch up at some point I want to hear all about your new adventure and this wonderful birthday bash that will be PERFECT