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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I AM a writer

In the past month I have been contacted by 3 separate individuals seeking advice on how to talk to a mom who lost a baby.  As a result, my desire to help grieving momma's and daddy's has been reignited.

Shortly after the death of our son Parker, I had this desire to see a nonprofit started to help grieving parents. I didn't really know how the nonprofit would look, but I knew I wanted to start one.  After talking with my Uncle, who has extensive experience in starting nonprofits, it was determined it would not be fruitful. So I threw out the dream and moved on with healing.  I was given the opportunity, about a year and a half after Parker died, to lead a support group for grieving moms at Lifeline Crisis Pregnancy center in Nampa, ID.  Almost a year after starting the group I had to leave my ladies because my husband Geoff and I had been called to full time ministry in Redmond, WA at Redwood Family Church.

All that being said, the fire in my soul to help grieving parents has been reignited and is growing stronger day by day.

This past Sunday, our lead pastor Todd gave a word on how God has created us all to be creative. It was a wonderful sermon and it sparked in me the desire to partner with God to see my dream of helping grieving parents and families come to reality. So I'm restarting this blog as well.

In addition to focusing on grief support, this blog will also focus on my life as an Associate Pastor's wife and as Children's Pastor. It will focus on the day to day normalities of living a ministry minded life as well as the new normal I'm stepping in to of living to bring the Kingdom every day.

I'm excited to jump start this blog again, and I'm also excited to delve deeper into writing my first ever book. I believe God desires for me to tell my story of the death of our son Parker and the beautiful restoration God has done in my life in these past 6 years. I can't wait to start this project.  It's going to be a big one, it's probably going to be hard and it may even hit a few road blocks, but I feel strongly that God wants me to do this, so He will see it through to completion with me, no matter how long it takes.

So welcome back everyone! It feels good to be writing once again.

- Rachel

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