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Monday, November 24, 2008

A Simple Request

Just a short one today...a prayer request.

Geoff and I have talked, quite a bit lately, about when we will start trying for baby #2 (a topic that I usually bring up). We have decided that we want to wait a while for several reasons. However, once we are ready I know that the fear of the great "what if" will be looming overhead. We are nervous about this happening again, even though the odds of this happening again are less than 1%. Dr. Rudeen has reassured me, on two seperate occasions, that we will definitely have healthy babies. This was a fluke, a freak accident, a terrible tragedy, but even so, I worry about it happening again. Dr. Rudeen has delievered roughly 4500 babies in his 28 years of practice and has never had this happen to the same woman twice (so encouraging), but I worry that I may break that run. I think to myself, if I could be that 1 out of 200, then why couldn't I be the 1 out of 4500?

I tell you all this because I need your prayers. Geoff and I need your prayers. We are both excited to start our family again, but we are nervous. So, when you think of us, please pray for our next baby. Please pray that Geoff and I will be calm through the next pregnancy. Please pray that God keeps us and our future little one safe. Please pray that our next baby will be healthy. Please pray that our next little one will be able to come home with us. Please pray for Geoff and I and our subsequent baby. Thank you :)


Heather said...

Hey Rachel, I found this blog a few weeks ago and thought you might get some encouragement from their story.



Claudia said...

Rachel, You and Geoff are constantly in my prayers. As I read the Shack in the car ride from Nampa to Seattle I thought of how they explained how God was with Missy and it brought me such comfort to know He was with Parker too. He will be with you and Geoff all the way through the future pregnancies and as you bring to us at least a baseball team full of kids. Or a choir full of kids!! We will pray for your comfort and peace. I love you kids Aunt Claudia

Jamie said...

Rachel - Through my second pregnancy with Peyton, I was considered high risk for blood pressure issues and from what we went through having the emergency c-section with Brendan. My doctor told me the statistics, assured me that it would be unlikely all my issues would reoccur, but I still worried. And boy did I pray. I prayed that I would come through whatever was thrown at me and even more I prayed to just let go of my fear.

I LOVE my OB/GYN and would truly go to hell and back if he asked me to. When I look back, he promised that I would always be at the top of his watch list and that he would take good care of me. And he did and we made it through perfectly with Peyton. If and when we choose to have more, I will still be worried. But I'll get through it again with a lot of prayer and a lot distraction with the older two kids running around!

You've stayed strong this long and you will stay strong when the time comes to go through pregnancy again. You will be rewarded somehow, someday with sleepless nights from a crying baby! And you will love every groggy second!
Love you!- Jamie