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Monday, December 1, 2008

I Want to Know, So Tell Me!

Do I write about this? Do I "broadcast" this across the internet? I have learned that sometimes I need to refrain from writing certain things on this blog. So do I write about my "blah" feeling anyway? Do I open my soul and tell you what's really making this "blah" feeling? I have always said that I want to be an open book, but is that a good thing? Is it a good thing to let people in? Should I just stop writing and start talking with people? Do you understand why I'm having these "blah" feelings? What do I do? This is worse then hormonal emotions during pregnancy.

This is what I have concluded...

I'm not saying a word. I have said quite a lot. I have told you how Geoff and I have been dealing. I have tried to paint a picture of our grief and how we are doing. I have tried to be as open as possible with the good, the bad, and the ugly of grief. But have I said enough? Have I painted a good enough picture? Have I let you all in enough? Do you all understand? Do you know where I'm coming from and how Geoff and I are REALLY doing? I honestly want to know.

So I ask, to everyone who reads this (all two of you..HA!), is there anything I have not shared that you still want to know? Is there any "stone left unturned" that you would like to have turned over? What do you want to know? What would you like to ask? I am open and ready for whatever questions you may have, so bring 'em! Write them down and I will do my best to answer them. HIT ME! I'm ready...seriously...ask me anything and I will do my best to answer the question to the best of my ability.

I'm ready!


Anonymous said...

And now there are three readers of this blog.

Rachel, I am so sorry to hear of your losses. You and Geoff are in our prayers.


Lynn said...

You have written your heart. We have the privilege of digesting what blesses us in return as we pray that sharing is healing you. I watched you listen to a sermon that I believe was hard for your dad to preach. Although, you seemed fine on the outside, I couldn't help but wonder what was going on inside. It's such a raw wound.
I remember when Troy died, I thought I was doing fine 'til one day I brushed against some silk boxers in a store and started to cry.It's OK to cry. Very healing!Love you and your sweet spirit. Lynn

Claudia said...

I think it's been wonderful the way you have put your heart out there for others. Not everyone could do that, some are more private, but I'm thankful for the way you have let us in. The way you have written has allowed us to pray specifically and I feel that the there isn't a question that I would be afraid to ask because of how open you have been. Thank you. I continue to pray for you and Geoff and for all the future "little" Harmons. I love you. Aunt Claudia

Anonymous said...

You have more then two readers missy! Should I be offended? *lol*

Questions, eh? Well, I think that I already asked you what question that really was on my mind in the beginning and that was how did your faith stay so strong. You answered it by explaining how you have felt, and have show it through every action and feeling talked about in your blogs. You have showed me that Christians are humans just like everybody else. I have read about your tears, angry and have seen you turn that into happiness time and time again. I know that putting yourself out there is hard, especially when you are feeling a new feeling every day, but reading your blog has truly given me hope.

Hope in the fact that even if all else fails in trying for a child, there will still be something bigger and greater loving and encouraging us.

Stay strong, and know that everyone would understand if the posts stopped. Just promise to post every now and then to let us know about everyday life with you two :)


Curt said...

I would hope you don't write this blog in hopes of answering people's questions on how you feel. I would hope this blog is a healing process for you! I know you want to be sure your family and friends are aware of how you are doing and what you're going through, but don't let that be your objective.

I would hope the only questions folks will ask you resemble, "How are you today" and nothing else. I know that's the only question I have for you, and you answer by keeping up your blog.

I know it's impersonal, but it's not like I get to see you guys every day. I love Geoff a bunch, and along with that comes you, too.

You know what? I DO have a question for you!!!

Which is best? Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica?

I hope you get that, I'm cracking myself up... Let me know if you don't, I'll enlighten you :)

Jill and I love you guys!


Jamie said...

Rachel, this is Jamie from All American, you are a true inspiration to many, never forget that! You have a true gift, you have helped so many people by your bloggs... They are not members of your blog, but they read it every day, one person has felt your loss... I pray for you and Geoff every day. You shoud keep this up, your truth and honesty is amazing.. I have followed your blog every day, you inspire me as well, though I cannot imagine your pain.. You are a soldier of GOD, you always have been, and I praise GOD for the blessing to know you for the time I did... Thank You Rachel, Thank You for being you... You know my work #, call me, we could have some of that delicious coffee you always blog about! Miss U, Jamie