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Monday, February 2, 2009

Grateful Am I

It's been a week since my last post, and not a lot has happened. Life is pretty much, hum-drum normal and that's perfectly fine with me. However, after saying all of that, I am reminded that grief reared it's ugly little head this weekend.

On Friday Geoff and I came home and relaxed on the couch for a bit before going out and grabbing a bite to eat. For some reason, we started sinking into a bit of sadness and sorrow and began to deeply miss our Parker. We cried on the couch together, and talked about him. It felt good, by the end, but it's always hard during. Then, on Saturday morning, Geoff and I woke up and found ourselves deeply missing Parker, yet again. We laid in bed, held each other and cried some more.

I am not sure what triggers these ugly episodes, but they are not fun, during. It is only after, that we see the benefit of acknowledging our feelings, facing them head on and moving through.

I know that it's not even been 5 months since Parker died, so I have to realize that there will still be hard days. I have to realize that there will still be moments and situations that will remind me of what we don't have. I have to acknowledge that, face it head on and move through it.

We serve a good God who has stuck by our sides since day one and I am forever grateful for that. We serve a good God who has fought off Satan and his team of hooligans who try to bring us down, and I am grateful for that as well. We also serve a good God who continuously brings hope, healing and a bright BRIGHT future and I am TOTALLY grateful for that.

Thank you Lord.

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