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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Countdown, New Friends, and Sunshine...GOOD STUFF!

I know it's been a while since my last post, but I honestly have not had that much to talk about. Life's been relatively normal for these Harmons. Going to work, coming home, ya da ya da.

Right now, I'm simply counting down the months until we can start trying again. I have days where the baby fever takes over and then days where I'm totally OK with it being just Geoff and I (those days aren't very frequent though:) ). This week I'll be going through Parker's clothes and separating out the ones that are unisex from the boy clothes, that way, whenever we do get prego again, I'll have that all together. Seriously, these are simply tasks that make the time fly faster. Ugh! I am not good with waiting, but thankfully Geoff is so he keeps me focused.

Also, these past few days and weeks, I found myself searching for other mommies who had experienced the same kind of loss that I had. I have met several wonderful women who have lost babies due to SIDS or Trysomy 18, but I had yet to meet any women who had lost a baby due to stillbirth. I needed to find them, I needed to connect with them in order to feel normal. So I googled it. I googled TTC (trying to conceive) After Stillbirth and I found my community.

To find a group of women who were walking the same path, or have walked the same path as Geoff and I, is so thrilling and reassuring. Every woman that I have met, who has gotten pregnant again has gone on to have healthy babies and that is reassuring. Also, the women that I have met who are TTC are so helpful to one another. Encouraging one another, lifting each other up and that's a wonderful thing as well. I am so thankful that I have found these women. I am so thankful that I feel comfortable enough to be emailing back and forth with some of them. That's wonderful. I thank the Lord for this small community of women.

So life is pretty normal, other than all that. Nothing too excited as of yet. I will be keeping all of you informed, have no fear.

OH! One more thing! The sun came out yesterday, after nearly a two week inversion. It was so WONDERFUL! I felt myself immediately brighten up and become hopeful. Seriously, I felt like the sun literally burned away the gloom that was sort of covering my days. I am so thankful to see the sun and blue sky once again.

Thank you Lord for the sun! Thank you Lord for that group of iVillage ladies and thank you for hope! Thank you Lord!!


kara said...

Yay for sun!! I am so glad you guys are doing well. You both looked great yesterday at church! It's great to see your smiling faces. You two have come so so far within the past 4 months!

Tauni said...

Remember freshman year, you were telling your family about the bad inversion?

Your sis ended up freaking out because she thought you were talking about an invasion.

Funny times.

I heard a quote that helped me feel a bit better on those thick fog days. I was listening to the radio and a little kid said, "Fog is God's way of letting us touch the clouds."