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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Oh What a Wonderful Weekend

Labor Day weekend. The last three-day weekend of the summer. The final weekend to get away and relax before autumn begins. The weekend that, in the Harmon house, was centered around three things: the Opening of Dove Season, the BSU/Idaho State game and Geoff's new blue beauty.

Friday the 29th started with Geoff heading to the DMV before work to take his written test to obtain his motorcycle permit. It ended with Geoff bringing home, after work, his brand new 2009 Honda Rebel motorcycle. When I got home, an hour and a half later, he was sitting in our driveway on his new motorcycle grinning from ear to ear. He drove it up and down our neighborhood twice before putting it away for the day. I had no clue how badly he was wanting a motorcycle. You would have thought it was Christmas, the way he was so giddy and excited. That night he could barely sleep.

Saturday the 30th, Geoff helped me clean the house, and then treated himself to another spin around the block on his new motorcycle. Seeing as how he hasn't taken driving lessons yet, this was pretty much all he could do. Still, it was the most exhilarating thing for him. That afternoon we went shoe shopping and bought him a pair of steel toed boots. We also, bought myself the cutest pair of blue boat shoes. Then that evening, Geoff invited over a few friends and watched the BSU/Idaho State game while I escaped to Flying M where I ran into a dear friend of mine and decided to sit down and catch up a little. One medium Wildberry Jet Tea, Berry Oat Bar, and 4 hours later we said our goodbyes and I drove home.

Sunday the 31st, Geoff and I headed to church together (after I had successfully talked him out of driving his motorcycle). After church we had lunch with friends and then Grady came over to see the new motorcycle. Geoff just had to take it on another spin around the block to show Grady just how awesome it is. That evening, after our 5th Sunday evening service, Grady and Geoff got ready to head for the opening of Dove hunting the following morning. They packed their fried egg sandwiches, counted thier steel shot, and went to bed at 11:30pm.

Monday morning, Labor Day, started bright and early at 5:45am. Labor day marks the beginning of dove season and the only day that Geoff willingly gets out of bed before the sun. All the boys in the house, Grady, Geoff and our dog Opie, were excitedly packing up the truck and getting ready to head out. They left the house at 6:00am, while I sat and turned on the TV to see what could possibly be on that early. Around 11:00am they arrived back home, Geoff had 0 doves, Grady got 1. A pretty successful day. I layed down for a nap and Geoff took his motorcycle out. That evening, we had pizza and watch Family Man (such a good movie).

All in all, this weekend was a wonderful weekend. Filled with the excitement of football and a new toy for Geoff. What a great way to say goodbye to summer and hello to autumn.

PS: the countdown for the arrival of Parker Geofferson is 33 weeks and 2 days (equals 47 days left!!!!)

**I know this was kind of a ramble, but that's what this blog is all about.**

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