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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Blue That Glimmers

Today I'm blue with glimpses of happiness.

I'm not so angry anymore, now I'm just trying to process and figure out how to heal. I am trying to figure out how to move on from the anger that I felt earlier. There is no one to blame, except...well, no one. I don't blame my friends, I won't blame God and I don't blame myself. The feeling of anger was just one of those emotions that bubbled up over words. Over a simple phrase that was written not out of malice, but was simply written.

This is one of those emotions, and instances, that are hard to explain. I hated hearing this, so I hate that I say it now, but until you have walked the path that I tread...no, I won't even say that. This is just simply one of those emotions and instances that are simply hard to explain. I can try. I can try to "wax eloquent" about it, but the message might not get across effectively. I can try and explain, in the simplest of ways by using "like or as", but that won't get the message across effectively either. All I can say is, bare with me. Grit your teeth and bare with me or ask me to clarify, and I will try.

I have always said that I want to be an "open book". That I want people to feel like they can approach me regarding my grief and the loss of my son Parker. I still hold tight to that. I still want to be an open book. I still want people to feel free to approach me regarding my journey along this path toward healing and a new normal.

I'm not sure if you all realize this, but your comments, whether posted on here or on my facebook page, keep me going. They give me the energy, encouragement and hope to keep on...keepin on. I am thrilled when I open my email and see that a new comment has been posted. I become elated when I open my facebook to see that I have messages in my inbox or messages on my wall telling me to keep up the good work! I need those. I thrive on them. I live off of them. **Would you believe that my love language is words of encouragement?** Those are vital to me these days. They are what help me hold my head up. Really, I feel as though each and every one of you, who access this blog and read it, are walking the journey with me. I feel as though Geoff and I are the guy on the bicycle, in that really long race, and you all are riding, a little behind, in the pace car (if that's what they call, but you get my drift). You are cheering us on while we fight this battle.

So as we journey, together, along this rough road, this pot-hole filled path, there will be good days. Days where I feel so high. Days where the view from the mountaintop is breathtaking. Days where I will feel God right beside me. But then there will be days, like today, where I'll feel lost in the deepest depths. Days where the quicksand is heavy and hard to climb out of.

I hope the good days will come more than the bad, but I know that I have little control over that. What I have control over is how I make it through those bad days. I have control over drawing near to God. I have control over giving God control. That's what I worked on today and that's what I continue to work on.

So bare with me. I'll get through this. Geoff and I will get through this together, with God. It will be good, in the end (wherever and whenever the end is). Please continue to pray for us, think about us and encourage us. We need it like never before. PRAISE GOD, GOD IS SO GOOD!


Tauni said...

I was having a bad yucky feeling day, and a terrible head-ache. I just needed a moment to chill and relax, be encouraged- and I immediately knew that I wanted to read your blog. You are an amazing woman of God, and I hope I wasn't one of the ones that offended you. If so, please tell me, and I'll shut up. :)

Jess said...

Thnk you so much for your openness in your feelings. I truly hope that this time of healing is also a time of growth: in your marriage, in God, and in yourself. (All of which seem great to begin with!) I'm praying for you, and I want to be here any way I can, so just let me know. Love you, Rachel!

Jill said...

Oh Rachel... you ARE an amazing woman of God! I can't believe how encouraging your blog can be to me on just a regular day while you are in the darkest hour of your life! You are so honest and real and I check in almost everyday to see how you and Geoff are doing. I don't always comment, but that's because I don't always know what to say. We love you guys a lot... ALL of you! :)