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Friday, October 10, 2008

To My Dear Friend

Yesterday was a rough day, but yesterday evening was a blessing.

I am thankful for friends. Friends who let you talk through your feelings. Friends who are honest with you about their feelings. Friends who won't let you pull away, but who allow you space. Friends who give you a second chance. Friends who sit at Flying M, and let you "throw-up" every emotion and feeling you've had over the last three (nearly four) weeks. I am thankful for my dear friend Kara.

Yesterday, as many of you may have read, I lashed out in anger, unfairly. I plastered it on my blog and attacked in a cowardly way, my dear friend Kara. Yesterday afternoon I cried because I knew that it would hurt Kara. I cried because I was angry. I cried because I was a mess of unpleasant emotions. I knew that her rejoicing over her healthy baby Minor may be overshadowed by my anger. This was not fair. I needed to make it right. So we went to coffee. We didn't get much time together, but the time we had, was for me (and I hope for her), very healing. I needed to meet my dear friend Kara for coffee. I needed to be around her again and to open myself up.

I miss talking and laughing with her. I miss coffee dates like the one we had yesterday evening. I miss griping to her about stupid things like...well she knows ;). I don't want to push Kara away simply because she's pregnant, that's not fair (for me or her)! I am realizing that I need people like Kara around me. I need to be able to get past my "issues" with pregnant women. She's going to help me through this, I know it. She's going to help me feel normal around people again, especially women who are pregnant.

God has blessed me with friends like Kara. God has blessed me with people who may not fully understand why I lashed out, but who are willing to listen and learn. I am thankful for my dear friend Kara. I rejoice with her regarding the health of her baby Minor. I love my dear friend Kara, and I realized how much I need to have her around right now.

Please now, Kara, how dear you are to me. Love you friend :)

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Jenica said...

Oh Rach! This blog made my heart soar! I was so worried about both of you yesterday. Thank you for being such a good friend yourself, and making sure that things were ok with Kara, even in the midst of your hurt! I am rejoicing with you over your relationship with friends. Your journey has been so bittersweet and I am so glad that I get to be a part of it... even through the pot holes! :) We love you Rachel! (and Geoff!)