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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What An Evening It Was

Yesterday was another good day, praise the Lord!

Yesterday, Monday, I woke up feeling so good. I could tell that the Lord was near, right beside me. I had gone to bed the night before, reading this wonderful book for parents grieving the loss of their baby. The book helped so much. **I'll have to post one of the prayers that this book had in it.** I read it cover to cover before I fell asleep (mind you it was less than an inch thick). I could tell that book had truly helped, because I was feeling so good the next morning. I got ready for the day, drank my coffee and headed off to work.

On my lunch break I called this woman named Stephanie. She had reached out to Geoff and I following the death of our son. She had also lost her daughter just a few days before her daughter's due date. She had sent us this lovely letter that I've read over and over again. In the letter she left her phone number and told me to call her when I was ready to talk. So yesterday, on my lunch break, I called her and left a message. I told her that I was ready to talk about Parker. I was also ready to meet someone, outside of my family, who truly knew what I was going through.

I got home Monday night and asked Geoff if anyone had called for me. No one had.

Geoff and I ate dinner and watched TV (we watched Chuck, I love that show!). After dinner I logged on to our laptop and checked my email. Earlier in the day I had sent a feedback email to the woman that made my necklace.

For those of you who aren't aware, Geoff purchased a beautiful necklace for my birthday on this website called Etsy, from a seller named SimaG. The necklace is a silver chain that has a pearl on it as well as two silver rectangle tags. Each of the silver tags has a name on it. One has Geoff's name and the other has Parker's name. When I was pregnant I decided that I wanted to get this necklace so that, when I went back to work after having Parker, I would have my boys close to my heart. Geoff ordered the necklace on the 9th of September. It arrived in our mailbox on the 13th of September. I was dying to open the package (I knew what it was), but Geoff told me I had to wait until my birthday. Sunday the 14th was when we went into the hospital. Monday morning, the 15th, Geoff had to run to the house to feed Opie. Before leaving the hospital, he asked if there was anything I wanted, all I wanted was that necklace. He came back to the hospital, with the necklace. I put it on and wore it through the entire labor and delivery of Parker. I haven't taken it off since.

So yesterday I went to SimaG's profile and left her a message. I briefly explained what had happened. I told her that ever since Parker's death, this necklace has taken on new meaning. It has become a cherished memorial, a precious keepsake. I wanted to thank her for creating this beautiful piece of jewelry.

That night, as I was checking my email I noticed that SimaG had replied. I was floored by what she wrote. She started the email off by telling me that she had been thinking about us a lot lately. She then went on to say that she was very sorry and that she was sending us "a big hug and a big kiss". Her email went on to say that she had four kids, two girls (16 and 13) and two boys (4 and 2) and that the reason for the large age gap was that she too had lost a little baby the same way we had. My jaw dropped, I elbowed Geoff and told him to read the email. We sat there together on the couch and read the rest of SimaG's email. We both were in shock! What a small world. What a tragic, small world and yet, how beautiful! All I could think, after reading her email, was that God is so good! She ended the email by telling me that there is hope and faith. I felt so encouraged by her email, even though I could sense some sadness in it, it was still, such an encouraging email.

After sitting there, staring at it for a while and reading it again, I was jolted back to reality by the phone ringing. I ran to our bedroom and answered the phone, it was Stephanie, who I had called earlier in the day. I was so thrilled to hear from her. We talked for what seemed like forever. She told me about her daughter who had died just days before her due date. I told her a little about Parker and we decided to meet up for coffee, this week. I cannot wait!

After getting off the phone with Stephanie, I immediately called my mom and told her everything that had just transpired that evening.

I praise the Lord for gifts like that. I praise the Lord for bringing people, like Stephanie, into my life. I praise the Lord for emails like the one I received from SimaG. Both woman were once total strangers, but now I feel like both will become trusted confidantes. I praise the Lord for his many MANY blessings!! What an evening! GOD IS SO GOOD!!!


Andrea Cook said...

I just want to say what an incredible godly woman you are! Reading your blogs and sharing your journey has blessed me. I know that sounds weird, but it's just been amazing to me to watch God's hand working in your life in the midst of such profound grief. I have no idea what you're going through, but I'm praying for you. I'm incredibly confident that God is going to bless you with a houseful of chubby little ones!

Claudia said...

you know the way these women have blessed you, in the same way you are a blessing to others. Your strength and wisdom goes way beyond! Again let me say...I love you and I agree you will be blessed with all the chubby little ones your hearts desire.