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Friday, January 16, 2009

A Little Quick Funny

There is a member that comes to our credit union quite frequently. We shall call him "Jim". "Jim" is a very sweet man, but sometimes "Jim" says and does things that strike me as irritating at first, but then make me laugh later.

Shortly after coming back to work after Parker's death, I saw "Jim". He knew what had happened and was very sweet. He said he'd been praying for Geoff and I and that he would continue to pray for us. Before he left he asked if we were going to ever try to get pregnant again and I said yes. I then told him that I would keep him posted, smiled and handed him his receipt. This isn't the funny story, that comes a few weeks later.

So a couple weeks later, or maybe a month later actually, "Jim" comes into the credit union again. He comes right up to my window, as he usually does, and looks right at my tummy. I mean, if he had laser vision it probably would have burned a hole right through me. So I catch him looking at my tummy and ask him how his day is going to try to distract him a bit. He looks up at me, smiles and says he's having a great day. Then he says, "How 'bout you? How's your day? Have any good news for me?!" I sit there for a moment, letting the question hang out in mid-air a little while before saying, "Good news?" To which "Jim" responds, sheepishly, "Yeah, you know, any good news?"

Then it hits me, like a silent-but-deadly fart from my big brother Robby (you know, the kind of fart that unexpectedly assaults your nose). I look up quickly, feel my face turn all shades of red, and say, "Uh, nope, no good news today, other than that it's...just...a good day." That's when I think the SBD hit "Jim", because he looks at me and then blushes himself.

I quickly finished his transaction, talked a little small talk and sent him on his way. As he was walking out, I pulled up my pants a bit, in an effort to "tuck in" that bit of tummy that was hanging out and made a mental note to myself to work my butt of that night. (gotta love that)

Now, every time "Jim" comes in, I catch him checking my tummy for signs of life. It's so ridiculous that it's begun to make me laugh.

Oh "Jim" and everyone like "Jim". You just have to roll your eyes, shake your head and laugh.




Jenn the Indomitable said...

You are so positive! Every time someone mistakes me for being pregnant I want to cry. But mostly because I just really like pasta. :) You're a treasure.

my3sons said...

I had a little old lady at church constantly ask if I was pregnant while she tried to touch my stomach. I wasn't at the time; the time I was really pregnant she didn't say anything! I just really like pasta too!

Anonymous said...

one time I was a "jim" to a girl at Walmart...I felt SOOOO bad that I didn't shop at that store for a couple of months *lol* We "jims" just mean well, but people like you that take it with grace are little gems in the world :)

sarah said...

i have a lady at church who did that to me in front of my mother in law! (who i hardly knew at the time, i was mortified) then ignored me when i was pregnant... and when i saw her last week she looked at me with such sad eyes and said "you cant have kids anymore huh..."
i think her excuse was age though. shes pretty old.

i hope one day soon you get to surprise "jim" with some baby news. :)